Sensory Processing Support Through Occupational Therapy in Malta

In Malta, our pediatric occupational therapy clinic is dedicated to aiding children facing sensory processing difficulties. Such challenges include unusual responses to sensory stimuli, difficulties with specific textures, and sensitivities to certain sounds and smells.

Navigating Sensory Hypersensitivity

Children with sensory hypersensitivity might find ordinary sensory inputs distressing. Our occupational therapy programs are designed to help these children adapt to their environments, reducing the stress caused by overstimulation.

Assisting with Sensory Hyposensitivity

On the other end of the spectrum, children who show reduced sensory responses may miss important cues from their environment. Our occupational therapy in Malta aims to enhance their sensory awareness and responsiveness.

Textures, Sounds, and Smells: Creating Comfortable Environments

Our approach to managing sensitivities to textures, sounds, or smells involves personalized activities and therapies. These are designed to gradually acclimate children to different sensory experiences, making daily interactions more comfortable.

Enhancing Focus and Daily Participation through OT

Occupational therapy plays a crucial role for children with sensory processing difficulties in Malta. Our strategies aim to improve their ability to focus and participate in classroom and daily activities, leading to a more enriching life experience.

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